What is Blogging – Is Blogging Dead In 2021

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Many people say that blogging has become very difficult in the present time. is it really so? Is Blogging Dead?

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If you have the same question in your mind then you should read this article completely because this article is going to solve all your problems.

Friends, you must have also heard the name of blogging somewhere. that people are earning money from blogging.

But you must have also come to your mind that what is blogging ?

Friends, today I am going to tell you what is blogging, how do you start it and can you earn money from blogging.

before you know what is blogging, before that you have to know and understand what is a blog? What is a blogger? So friends, stay with us to know all this.

blog – Definition of blog

Friends, blog is a type of website, as if you search anything on Google, then many websites come in front of you, we call them blogs.

Like you searched on Google “what is a blog” and many web sites were opened in front of you and you clicked on our website and opened our post, which you are reading now, this is a blog post.

And this blog post on which is being run is a blog.

You can also share your thoughts by creating your own blog, that is, a blog is a medium through which you can make your point known to the people so that they can know about it and help them.

blogger – Definition of blogger

Friends blogger is a person who creates a blog and shares his ideas with the people who put posts in his blog every day, thereby teaching people and himself something new.

If I say in simple language, blogger is the owner of the blog.One who takes full control over that blog and tries to bring something new on it every day for its users.

The biggest example of this is me, I am a blogger who keeps trying to bring something new for you every day.

By now you must have known what are blogs and bloggers, now let us know what is blogging.

What is blogging – Definition of blogging

Publishing posts on a blog by a blogger regularly in the form of content is called blogging.

blogging is an art, If you learn blogging, then you can also choose as a career. through which you can earn lakhs of Money.

For example you can take me I am a blogger who regularly publish posts on my blog.

Similarly, if you also create your own blog and publish regular posts like us, then it means that you are blogging.

What are the types of blogging

Friends, you have learned so far what is blogging, now I will tell you how many types of blogging are there.

Personal blogging : – This is blogging which is done for your hobby, that is, you have an interest in something and you are writing about it through a blog, then it is called personal blogging.

Like you have very good knowledge about tech and you are helping people by telling about it through blog.

Professional blogging : – This is blogging which is done just to earn money in which you are not interested.

Like you are not interested in technology but still you are working on it to earn money it will be called professional blogging.

Is Blogging Dead In 2021

Many people say that blogging cannot make a career from blogging in the present time.

But it is not so, even in today’s time, blogging can be done.

Blogging won’t even die for the next decade. Many people get scared while starting blogging that millions of posts are published every day in blogging.Due to which no one will read his blog.

Google cannot bring every blog post on the first page, due to which a new blogger’s post does not come on the first page.

Because for this SEO has to be done which is a bit difficult for the new blogger.

But that doesn’t mean that blogging is over.

You have to work very hard to become successful in blogging.

There are many such blogs which did not get any traffic in the beginning but now their blog gets traffic of lakhs.

So you do not need to worry at all that blogging in the present time is a waste of time.

you just have to keep working. slowly you will be successful in blogging.

Popular blogs

Which are the popular blogs of the world, this question must have come in your mind, from which you can take inspiration from them.

This question is also valid because everyone thinks that what he is doing has some future or not.

Friends, it has been a long time in the field of blogging, on the basis of which as far as I understand I am going to share with you the names of those blogs which are the best blogs in the world.

  • TechCrunch
  • mashable
  • Gizmodo
  • Engadget
  • Gawker
  • Lifehacker
  • A Cup of Jo
  • Boing Boing
  • Talking Points Memo

How to start blogging for free

you have to choose the niche of your blog and start writing posts every day, in this way you can start blogging for your bright future.

For this you must have a laptop or a mobile. On which you can earn money by blogging sitting at home.

if you want to create a blog for free then follow the steps given below

#step1 – To create a blog on Blogger for free, you first have to type Blogger.com in your browser. Now something like this will come in front of you as shown in the image below.

What is blogging - step 1

#step2 – Now you have to click on create a new blog. After this you have to write the title of your blog.

What is blogging - step 2

#step2 – After writing the title, you have to create the URL of your blog.

What is blogging - step 3

#step3 – After this a new screen will open, after which you have to enter the disply name of your blog.

What is blogging - step 4

And now your blog is ready. Now you can start blogging.

Ways to Earn money from blogging

There are many ways to earn money from a blog, by which you can earn money by creating a blog. You can earn money by creating a blog in the following ways –

Google Adsense – You can earn money by placing Google ads on your blog.

For this, first you have to take the approval of Google Adsense, after which ads will be shown on your blog and you will earn.

This is the most used method to earn money by creating a blog.

Affiliate Marketing: – Affiliate Marketing is the second most used way to earn money from blog.

Through this, you can place advertisements of any product on your blog, after which as soon as a user clicks on your link, you will get its commission.

Selling Your Own Product –

In today’s time, many people are bringing their business online by creating a blog. Companies like Amazon and Flipkart are the biggest examples.

If you also have a business, then you should not delay in bringing it online through blogging.

Apart from this, there are many other ways in which you can earn money from blogging. But mainly in these Three ways money is earned from blog.

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is a topic about which less is told. If you also do blogging, then along with earning money, you keep learning something new.
So let’s go bare some of the benefits of starting your own blog.

  • You get to learn something new every day from blogging.
  • Your grip is strong in the niche you have chosen.
  • You can earn money from blogging.
  • Your blog creates your own identity.
  • Mastering the field of blogging.

FAQ Related To What Is Blogging

  • What is the difference between a blog and a website?

All blogs can be a website or part of a website. A website is a collection of many webpages.It is professional to look at and shows a organization. Can login or sign up in most websites. example – amazon, flipkart & etc.

If we talk about the blog, then the blog is run by a particular person.

All blogs can be websites but not all blogs can be websites.

  • is it possible to do blogging on mobile?

Yes blogging can be done from mobile, for this you must have a gmail accent and internet connection

  • Can blogging be started without spending any money?

Yes, you can start blogging on blogger.com without spending any money.

  • What is web log?

Blog is called web log which we call blog in short form. blog or web log both are same.


We told you about “What is Blogging” in this article. hopefully, all your questions related to blogging have been answered in the article.

If you still have any question in your mind regarding blogging, then you can ask us by commenting, we and our team will do our best to help you.

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